Primary/Middle School Programme

Primary/Middle School Programme

Strengthening Fundamentals and Preparing for life with vocational education

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.

A classroom at KIS revolves around the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, as delivered by world-renown educationist Prof. Howard Gardner and it takes the STEAM approach. STEAM is an approach of delivering education to children to prepare them in Science and Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, the core building blocks for any kind of livelihood. It also prepares the child for all competitive exams.

At the primary and middle level, students are encouraged to explore the relationship between practical and theoretical concepts of various subjects. We follow an interdisciplinary approach which dissolves boundaries of subjects and encourages learning across the curriculum. Curriculum focusses on the spirit of exploration and acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and understanding of scientific concepts. In the primary and middle School years, the students would experience the joy of learning, gain a deep understanding of important concepts, develop research and experimental skills and learn to accept personal responsibility for actions, decisions and outcomes.

  • Learning through experimentation, observation, analysis and inference.
  • Activity and project-based learning.
  • Emphasis on acquisition of language skills, developing creative writing skill and reading for fun.
  • Well planned reading programme to inculcate reading as a habit.
  • Focus on basic numeracy skills and mathematical concepts.
  • Skill-based ICT curriculum.
  • Regular sessions for imparting life skills and values.
  • Children are oriented to the skills of organising knowledge and information.
  • Curriculum places emphasis on sensitising children to be caring and compassionate.
  • Learning beyond the classroom through excursions and field trips.
  • Teaching-learning strategies involving workshops, seminars, talks, presentations, group discussions, etc. reinforce concepts.
  • Creativity and talent are nurtured through dance, drama, music, art, craft, etc.
  • Literary activities like declamation, debates, extempore, recitation, story writing and storytelling, etc

Give your child an education that matters.

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